Looking into integrating ANTLR v3 with javax.script

I’ve been looking into integrating ANTLR v3 with javax.script. It should all be pretty simple, but I have not implemented a simple mock-up yet to test my conclusions.

Then I remembered a ex-colleague of mine who wrote a Dutch article about integrating a JavaCC generated language with javax.script.

Dutch article about JavaCC and javax.script

Technically that does not look that hard at all.

The hardest thing I’m running into right now is outlining a subject as a little case study. I am also wondering about what problems might arise when trying to integrate a generated parser within the confines of an application. I can think up a number of ways to connect a parser to an application’s in memory model. Should I try to detail logic in my parser grammar or should I unlock my memory model with a bit of dedicated API for the parser as to keep inline Java action blocks to a minimum.