Thule SnowPro Ski/Snowboard carier on a Mini Cooper supplied roof rails

The Mini Cooper parts catalogue details a 2 Board Snowboard roof carrier. I ordered that and thought I could carry my snowboards to some snow covered slopes in the near future. Turns out Mini is not yet manufacturing these things or something. Bottom line, I couldn’t get what I needed.

Next stop Automat, it’s one of those shops where people go to pimp their cars in a very very bad way. They’ve got all sorts of decals, plastic bumpers that would make Dolly Parton jealous, ridiculously over-powered car stereo amplifiers that’ll suck your battery dry and make your ears pop. I should have went there all dressed up in a trenchcoat with a hat and sunglasses like some sleezeball going for a pop at one of the local “ladies of pleasure”.

snowpro746.jpegAnyway, I digress. They’ve got Thule roof carriers too. And I needed a set bad, because it did take a while before word got back that I could not get the BMW part. I ordered a Thule Snowpro, model nr. 746.

The problem is, the brackets supplied with Thule parts only fit they small square bars here in the Netherlands. To make it fit their streamlined bars you need some adapter costing 20 euros. And then it still is a question if these adapters are going to fit my Mini rails. Because the profile on top of my bars are a lot wider. I wouldn’t want my snowboards to go flying of and crash into someone’s windshield, now would I? For the 888 adapters see the image below.

05x_thule_adapter_888.jpg Anyway, I put in a call to my tool-time-Tim super dad. He’s got a garage full of tools and I don’t, so he can actually manufacture stuff. We measured everything and then fabricated 4 little adapters of our own. Made of a solid aluminium bar, 4 bolts, 4 nuts and some locking washers. Total tally at the end of the day 1,65 euro’s. Eat that Thule… Oh, and we the bolts and stuff we used are air service rated, so if you winch my car up by the rails, it wont be the bolts or bolts that’ll break. 😉

I’ll post a picture of the end result when my digital camera is charged again.

Now I’m off to the garage again. 🙁 I was killing time because the garage won’t have service personnel available until 9. Got a flat tire… 🙁 🙁 And I don’t wanna drive 90 kilometers on a flat tire, even when they’re run flats.

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