Near miss with phishing mail

Recently I came back from a snowboarding vacation. Only half an hour home after a 12 hour drive I had to check my e-mail.

Too bad I missed the sender and recipient address on an e-mail message. I f-ed up and clicked a link leading me to a PayPal phishing site. I logged in and the site asked for my credit card details straight up. WTF!?! PayPal wouldn’t do that.

I immediately changed my password for PayPal. They didn’t have time to harvest my account. But they sure tried, because PayPal has blocked my account and has me jumping through the usual hoops to let me prove I’m still in control of my PayPal account.

Sigh! Just when I was about to purchase MarsEdit. I never thought I would fall for one of those phising e-mails. But finally I almost missed one, I never thought I would be so stupid.

Moral of this story:

Always double check the links you click in e-mails.