J-Spring 2008 in review

Eclipse University banner.Last week I presented at J-Spring 2008. It was one of the first times I presented to such a large group of unknowns. The room wasn’t packed, but still quite full. Afterwards I heard the head count was over 70 people attending my session. Good to see that many people interested in ANTLR. I was in the before last round of sessions and not everyone of the 1000 people attending was on the premises anymore. So all in all. I think I did good by at least attracting 10% of those people still there.

My presentation went very smooth. In 45 minutes I crammed 42 slides, 3 short demo’s and a 5 minute Q&A.

I did fumble on one single thing.

ANTLR does allow more than 2 nodes with the same root node in a tree.

It’s all supported in the tree grammar syntax. The grammar I demoed was indeed binary, I thought the question was about that fact, while in hindsight I realised the person was asking if ANTLR support AST’s with more than 2 child nodes on a node.

Vista and an Apple Time Capsule

Oh my, that Redmond OS called Vista is truly a freakish beast. Today my girlfriends laptop refused to connect to my new Apple Time Capsule. I had my Time Capsule configured for personal WPA/WPA2 over 802.11 b/g/n. My girlfriends Vista laptop was able to connect and authenticate, but was unable to get a DHCP lease, it ended up with one of those 169.xxx.xxx.xxx addresses. The steps to remedy the problem were really bizarre.

I reconfigured my Time Capsule to use no wireless security. I then connected her Vista laptop, it could get a DHCP lease. I re-enabled all security. Adjusted the network settings on her laptop to use WPA2. And it works flawlessly, I can even do ipconfig /renew from a command prompt.

Vista: The dumbest operating system ever if you ask me.