J-Fall half day Keynote & Demos

Reginald Hutchinson kicks off with an introduction of Sun’s plans for the web2.0 and web 3.0 (cloud computing).

Smooth talker, says what have you a lot. As expected java fx is the next best thing. I’m curious when it will become final. Rich Internet applications are fun and easy to write with java fx. Riiiight….

Interesting note, December 2nd sun will release java 6 update 10, an important update for swing based desktop java. Sun will rebebrand the javafx stack to platform specific brands (mobile, desktop, tv/topset box) some day next februari.

Chum-Munn Lee takes over with a demo of the latest Netbeans beta with a as of yet undisclosef java fx beta. Creates new fx project.

He creates a “under the sea” demo. Declarative display of an image. Next he makes the image dragable by implementing a few mouse listeners. Looks nice. Now he adds another picture. Adds a fade in/out with keyframes Looks simple enough, but it takes very little code. 🙂 The end result is very rewarding considering the little time he used.

Next he deploys it on a browser. The end result is a java applet started from a jar through a standard javascript library.

Reginald takes over again and provides a few details about the upcomming java fx release. Something is up in 3 to 4 weeks.

Standard details about the java 6 update 10 release.

Simon Ritter takes over and kicks off another demo on an applied manner. He watched some guy (Johny Lee???) YouTube videos and wants to do the same with Java technology.

Wooden board with a Wii-mote and a projector??? Ah, he projects a playing card on the board. If he moves the wooden board, the image on the projector moves to stay on the board. The Wii-mote detects infrared signals sent by the board and based on the Wii-mote input the image is moved.