J-Fall Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems with Java

Nico van Hanxleden Houwert gives a talk about solving constrain satisfaction problems. Problems like 10 ships need to dock at 5 docking slots. How to plan this considering parameters like ship and dock size. Real life examples can contain millions of examples. Which solution is the best under the set constraint.

It is a problem domain with a logarithmic or quadratic increase in size when parameters increase. Doubling the number of ships and docks can make easily make problems insolvable in a reasonable time constraint.

Lots of talk about a problem he wants to solve. Bit of basic set theory, not much java code.

Java offers frameworks to facilitate solving such problems. ILOG and Cream are examples of java frameworks suitable for constraint satisfaction discovery.

Fun subject. But get a book, read an article: you’ll know more in less time.