J-Spring again…

Oh boy, the call for papers is in already for the J-Spring 2009. What to do??

I was planning doing a presentation there. But at the moment, I haven’t got a clue what to talk about. I could do a follow-up of my ANTLR presentation of last year. People really liked that talk and I would like to address the few complaints I did get. (Mainly about getting a more real life example) But I doubt that’ll make it past the selection committee. Maven is something I’m not that fond of nowadays. I could do a session about neural networks in Java. But it would be nice if I actually had done some work on those in the last few months.

Perhaps my colleagues at work have some nice ideas. We’re getting together again next Wednesday evening to discuss the directions for 2009 of our Rich Client group at InfoSupport.

Oh well… I still got a month. The call for papers is due februari 28th, send your proposals to papers@nljug.org. J-Spring 2009 will be at April 15th.