My car and me…

This is starting to drive me nuts.

My current car is a Mini Cooper D. It’s a very nice though overpriced ride even when considering the total lack of luggage space.

But the one I got, it has to be damned in some way. I got the car on August 23rd 2007. Right now it’s February 25th 2009, so that makes 18 months. In those 18 months I drove 80.000 kilometres, about 4444 a month.

In those few 18 months I had the following problems with my car.

  • 3 times I got a star in my front windshield, the first one during the first drive with the brand new car, the last one earlier this evening while driving home from work on an empty street. (??)
  • Hail storm damage on my roof, bonnet and sides.
  • One small collision entirely my own fault denting the left side.
  • 3 flat tires, two due a small screw/nail on the road, third was last week on vacation in France when some French idiot decided to stick a knife in my front tire on a parking lot. Why someone would do that is beyond me.
  • Last summer when loading my MTB on my car for a trip to Switzerland a screw in the Mini branded roof carrier decided to fail by breaking in two completely on the morning of departure… So that turning into an afternoon departure.
  • I got an engine warning a few times indicating some problem with the diesel injection system. Caused me three trips to the garage because it was such a bizarre problem, my local garage and BMW Netherlands were clueless about what could cause such a problem. (So they decided to replace some sensor since that might be faulty. Talk about driving home from the garage with a feeling like: “Yeah they sure fixed that problem for good.”)

Anyway, that’s 10 problems with a car of which only one was my fault in only 80.000 kilometres/18 months. That’s about once every 8888 kilometres/2 months. My local garage are staying friendly through all this, they do their best every time. But man, I dread calling the car lease company tomorrow to call in the star in my windshield I got about half an hour ago. Even when considering the fact that 9 out of 10 problems is not my fault.