J-Spring keynote: Agile@Atlassian

Sherali Karimov has the keynote slot. He’s giving a talk on Agile. He shows a short movie about agile development. Standard blurb on agile, it’s not a methodology you idiot!! It’s about the values embedded in them. šŸ™‚

Next the metrics that agile will bring a company on the long run:
Collaboration: email pile is bad, wiki is good, task management is good too. Code reviews are good too, they’re a learning tool.

Culture of improvement: People are to be allowed to make changes and empower the employees. Engine room? Small teams, and short iterations. The disturbed? Log hassle and shorten these hassle sources. Dump QA button clickers, enter Blitz Test. (What’s Blitz Test? Exploratory testing.)

Transparency: Eat your own dog-food. Issue tracker is public facing, users can see current issues. Documentation is also maintained publicly. Support for open source, projects are allowed to use products if they’re open source.

Metrics and analysis: Know what to solve, is the change an improvement? Dashboards should make looking at metric data pleasant and fast.

Agile is about the individual within the company.

He sure is a believer. šŸ™‚ Now he says how wonderful and easy (??) it is to implement in big bad company. Anyway, start small and targeted. Perhaps it’s easier then you think. Again Agile isn’t a methodology, it’s a set of beliefs.