Finally I scored some goodies at a conference…

Last Wednesday I attended the J-Fall conference by the NL-Jug. Driving home I was already thinking about doing this blog post. But as you can see, it’s two days later now. When I got home after the J-Fall I immediately took a shower en jumped into my bed. I felt exhausted. Yesterday morning I felt really sick and today it is getting a bit better. Things like dizziness, head ache, belly ache and nausea. Fortunately I am not feeling feverish. Right now I actually feel good enough to get hit by some boredom as well. But reading up a book or just stretching my brain a bit just hurts like hell and makes me feel sicker. So this blog posting won’t involve the most enlightening opinions I guess.

Anyway, about the goodies at the J-Fall. I actually scored two very nice books. There was a company standing next to Sun’s booth and they provided these little scratch cards with which you could “win” a book. I actually was lucky enough to win a book. So I immediately dragged one of the stand workers from my companies booth to have a go at it as well. He scored as well. Unfortunately for him 😉 there were no books on display that he liked so he asked which book a would like and he got it for me. Also because I was a speaker at the J-Fall I was presented with a speaker present at the end of the conference. I didn’t really count in that to happen. So after attending numerous conferences I finally was able to score some real conference goodies beyond mugs, mouse pads and t-shirts.

Now I’m back to bed again. I think I over estimated how fit I was when I started writing this.

NL-Jug J-Fall 2006: Resources for my presentation

On October 11th I gave a presentation at the Dutch NL-Jug’s J-Fall conference. As this post was prepared before-hand and posted automatically during my presentation, I will put up another blog post reflecting on my performance during and reflection on the reception of my presentation.

First of, here are the book recommendations I made during the presentation:

Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability Designing Interfaces Pragmatic Ajax: A Web 2.0 Primer Agile Web Development with Rails: A Pragmatic Guide Core JFC Eclipse Rich Client Platform

Now concerning the presentation itself: It is in Quicktime format posted here (2.3 mb).


One and a half week to go…

Dutch Java User GroupYes my fellow Dutch Java friends. I hope you all registered again for another edition of the NL-JUG’s J-Fall. Looking at the program, I must say they’re still on the right track towards becoming a must see for all Dutch Java developers.

Also, make sure to visit my presentation of you are attending. I won’t tell you any more details right now. But it will be a presentation which you will find a bit different in a good way. I have one of the last slots of the day, but that’s just another reason to attend my presentation. Because I will do my best to keep you interested and awake. It would be a shame to doze off during the last round of presentations. “Because of the free beer and all that is.” 😛 Also, to my colleagues not attending the J-Fall, don’t despair, on the 25th I will do the same presentation on our fortnightly ISKA gathering.

Now about my presentation… I can’t resist. Here’s a little peak-a-boo: Frontpage InfoSupport Slidedeck

NL-JUG J-Fall proposal has passed

Dutch Java User GroupThis year the NL-JUG’s J-Fall conference will be held on October 11th. Details are available at the NL-JUG’s website. The J-SPRING and J-FALL are the place to meet your fellow Dutch Java programmers. To me it has become a biannual gathering of past colleagues and sometimes even friends.

On a more personal note: My proposal to the NL-JUG to host a session has passed. I am thrilled about this. Especially because my proposed subject is such an interesting topic. It is not a very technical subject in itself. But I am going to talk about one of the more fundamental choices a project has to make about their product.

I am curious about the interest in my session. Since it is the in the last slot of the day and it is not about framework X or Y. But what I can promise everybody is that it will be something most of you have never seen before.

As a final note I provide you with an English translation of the proposal I sent in.

Session: Which user interface do I choose for my Java Application?
Speaker: Jeroen Leenarts, Info Support

Abstract: In this presentation you will receive an overview of the pros and cons of web and rich client technology. The differences between the various technologies will be clearly illustrated by means of practical examples. A number of technologies will be evaluated, including AJAX, Eclipse Rich Clients, Netbeans Applications, Web 1.0 (as in Web as we already know it) and Swing interfaces. A wide spectrum of technologies indeed, but they have something in common. All are very decisive about the way the resulting application will look and feel. Often one of these technologies is chosen without much thought about the suitability to the situation at hand. Don’t let your end-users down and choose a solution in the interest of your end-users. After my presentation you will be better equipped to make those decisions about which technical interaction model you want for your application.

Rich Client Vs. Web: User interface

One of the most visible effects of choosing either web or desktop technology is the way the resulting application will appear. Right now there are a couple of development frameworks to take into consideration. These are in no particular order:

  • Basic web application
  • AJAX
  • Netbeans/Eclipse Rich Client
  • Swing/SWT application

(This list is Java oriented.)

All of these have advantages and disadvantages. The list above can be divided into two main categories. To no surprise these are Web and Desktop. Anyway, right now I’m working for my employer on a document which ellaborates on these differences. Also I’ve submitted a proposal to the NL-JUG’s upcomming J-Fall to do a talk about this subject for my employer. I hope they’ll agree with me that it’s an important subject to reflect on a bit.

J-Spring 2006: Well, they’re improving everytime…

Dutch Java User GroupLast week I went to the J-Spring. I must say that the NL-JUG runs a tight ship when it comes o conferences. Which is a good thing. I’ve seen that girl with the 5 minute sign like a million times. Overall the entire conference was a solid excercize. Only complaint that I have is the length of the sessions. Most sessions lasted only 45 minutes. Now that’s very little time for a technical presentation. One of the noticable effect was the feeling that a lot of speakers were rushing they’re talk.

For an impression on the sessions themselves, check my colleague Peter’s blog entry/article.

NL-JUG J-Spring proposal follow-up…

Dutch Java User Group A few days back I posted about my session proposal to the NL-JUG‘s J-Spring. Three proposols came in for a Maven 2 session. And it seems I failed the cut. Too bad for me.

I will definatly attend the J-Spring though. It’s an excellent place to see some old friends again and catch a few presenations. There will probably be a Maven 2 session, since it matches very nicely with the overall theme of this J-Spring. So I will probably sit in on that one to see if I missed any details on the subject. And I’ll have a few unanswered questions handy as well if I’m in the mood.

Also I’d recommend every dutch Java developer to join the NL-JUG. Great way to meet and greet, make new contacts, learn stuff and if you’re on a job hunt, get a few job offerings.

Attending J-Spring (or should I say J-Summer)

Dutch Java User Group This year I’ve made a topic proposal to the NL-JUG for the upcoming J-Spring conference. I suggested to do a piece about Maven 2. Would be great if I get selected. I’ve heard unconfirmed rumours that someone important of the Maven project might be attending. Would be great to actually be checked out by someone related to the topic at hand.

Anyways, I also have heard the NL-JUG will be deciding this week about the speaker slots. All I can do now is wait and sit tight. The conference is called J-Spring and is at the 15th of june. Normally the conference is in the spring, but this year it is a bit later because the JavaOne is also on another date this year. I’ll definatly be on the J-Spring 2006, let’s just hope it’ll be on stage too. The NL-JUG is the dutch Java User Group. They’re the ppl who snatched the James Gosling JUG slot at the JavaOne this year.