The Tiger Dashboard is cool…

I know it’s just a feature. But it still is a cool feature… Last night I printed the programmer’s guide from apple so I could read it while traveling to work by train. I must say it all looks easier ten I expected.

One more for my todo list: write a dashboard widget. Sigh!! 🙂

Mac OSX Tiger is better then I expected…

The last few weeks the hype surrounding Tiger’s release made me skeptical to say the least. I was expecting some minor updates and a boat load of gadgettesk features. Well those features are indeed there. But the OS itself also had a nice overhaul. In general everything runs a bit smoother and I can’t escape the idea that more thought went into how a normal user would perform tasks on the system.

Spotlight is great too… But I can’t wonder about the difference in legislation. A certain Redmond based company get all kind of demands based on the fact that it’s all integrated. Somehow this doesn’t apply to Apple it seems. Seems being a monopolist isn’t allways a good thinh… 😉

Finally an easy way to blog…

A while ago I switched to an Apple. But since I am not running firefox on my Apple. I haven’t been able to use the handy browser plugin that lets me blog.

No since OSX Tiger I can use a handy dashboard widget. Very neat. Very easy. Perhaps I’ll blog a bit more now. 😀

Apple – iMac G5

Apple – iMac G5

Call me crazy, but I’m getting one of these. I’m just waiting for the keynote of Apple’s CEO on 11 januari, maybe they’ll have some new stuff for their product line. Would be a shame to buy something and two weeks later hear that something better is coming out real soon.

Yes. it’s an Apple. But did you know James Gosling works on Apple too? So it should be a reasonable alternative for me as a Java Developer.