J-Fall Pragmatic Java

Allister Smith gives a talk about pragmatic java development. Don’t overuse patterns and other design abstraction.

Python and rails is gaining popularity because it is simpler.

Allister shows an example with a sort of back to basics approach with inline SQL and all in java. While interesting, it still is not as simple as python for example.

Python contains the framework to do the work by default.

He makes a case that the framework code is something you build once. And because YOU build it, you are in control. But if you need too much code, do go for an existing framework.

Allister’s case goes against all the standard practices in java. I’m not convinced, but it is an interesting subject. Are java developers making they’re solutions more complicated then needed.

Just a few notes…

Had a nice vacation the last three weeks. I’m in the process of picking up the pieces when I dropped everything three weeks ago. It basicly comes down to the familiar pile of e-mail.

I have done some software related updates to my blog. To my knowledge everything should be in working order again. If you do happen to run into a problem with my site, please let me know. I’ve checked that the contact form functionality is in working order. I also made sure to double check my rss feed is working properly for obvious reasons. The rest of the site should be ok, since I did a quick click around.

Next week I will start at a new project with a large Dutch bank. Something involving Maven 2 scripting as a build manager. I’ll be working with a lot of people including a few integrators. So I am hoping I’ll actually get to implement a new Maven 2 build infrastructure and manage the process of introducing my results instead of constantly caressing a build to completion. It’s going to be a big challenge to bring my assigned task to completion. The technical aspects should all work after a couple of problems and hick-ups. But besides the technical aspects I am expecting to do a lot of convincing, talking and reporting to get everybody on the same page concerning the new build mechanisms. Because I was told that I am going to be involved with a pilot scenario. Not to mention the number of people, departments, projects and external suppliers involved. Anyway, exciting stuff.

New project assignment, something with Python

Python logo I’ll be taking over a few tasks while a colleague of mine is taking some well deserved R&R. The thing is, I’ve heard it involves Python. *sweet* 😉

That does mean I’ll be scrapping my Ruby experimentation, because I have to brush up my Python skills a bit. It’s been a while since I’ve done any serious Python coding.

If you’re looking into Python too, start here. Oh and, MacOSX 10.4 comes with Python 2.3.5 pre-installed.