Masters of the merging universe…

Today, is a good day to start drinking coffee. But then again maybe not. Here I am fresh from weekend. (I took a day off on monday.) And the first order of business is….
“Hey Jeroen, can you merge this branch to yours, update to the latest release and continue with fixing bugs.”

Now that last part is no problem at all. But that first merging part… I wish I’d took the entire week off. Yes I hate Clearcase, I absolutly do.

But then again, I know that lots of business would otherwise use some other vile contorted creation. (Sourcesafe anyone?) Yeah it was fine in its days, but come on! One good thing about Clearcase is the ocasional Smalltalk error popping up. It does feel retro, kinda cool. And another good thing about Clearcase is the fact that on the server side it is pretty ok. Not too much funy stuff like crashing repositories. Well, atleast I never hear the build manager complain.

Why everyone is so affraid of SubVersion is beyond me. Never have I seen it being used at one of my contracts. Lets hope that changes soon in the near future. Because, and I know it’s not comparable to a real project, I’ve been using SubVersion without a hitch now for my personal stuff for over 2 years now. And sofar it has been flawless. Backing up me repository is a sweet deal too. It’s all scriptable. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that my “stuff” is backed-up and versioned too.. πŸ˜›

Seems the automated part of my Clearcase merge is done. Time to put my Kung-Fu merge Master skill to the test again. Practice makes perfect, even with something as nasty as merging code…

Quote of the day: “Clearcase smells like hiny and SubVersion smells like fresh green apples.”

They don’t call me Long John because my head is so big.

Seems like cheesy pick-up lines don’t work here either.

Well experiment is over. I did pick up a few extra visitors because of my target rich blog entry. You know, targets like “free”, “sex” and “mp3” in them. πŸ˜‰ But not as much as I’d expected, must have been my obvious blog entry header. Probably had the same effect as a bad pick-up line or something.

When I can, I’ll swing a hot word or two right in. But I promise I won’t use those keywords anymore when they are out of context for the post. That’s just not my cup of java. Like: “I don’t swing that way.” Getting free visitors looking for porn shouldn’t even be here. Since this blog isn’t about porn or free MP3’s.

LOL, Ok enough fun and tacky attempts to integrate cheesy keywords.

Oh, one more thing: Best wishes to my friends at the JavaOne, wish I could have been there too. πŸ˜‰

A Couple of Dutch Rants – Amsterdam Java Meetup (30th of June)

A Couple of Dutch Rants – Amsterdam Java Meetup (30th of June) and SpringOne

A colleague of mine went to the previous meet-up. And he said it was worth it.

So I’ll guess I’ll have to look into this now. From what I’ve read the early birds get free beer. (Not like in “free speech”.) Esspecially since Alarmnummer is convinced we’ve never spoken IRL. Guess I’ll have to prove him wrong then. πŸ˜€

Anyways, what’s this meet-up about? It’s sort of a flash mob idea. Set a time, set a place and then just show up and make the bartender happy. It’s a social event and with Java as a shared interest. Should be interresting.

Keep an eye on Olaf Arendsen’s A Couple of Dutch Rants weblog for more info. He has planned the meet-up on june 30th at 6pm, only the location is not yet set.

How enthousiasm can bite me in the hiny…

We’ve all had this happen to us. You hear about something you would really like to do. You hear that it might actually happen. You filter out all uncertain parts and get all excited about it.

You know, like a little kid that sees a big christmass package and automatically assumes it’s for him.

In your enthousiasm you cut some corners, step on a few toes here and there. And finally someone drags you into a corner to contemplate your sins.

Boy did that happen to me when I was a kid. Fact is, it still happens to me these days. Only difference is that now when I understand when something was not entirely correct, I get this gut wrenching feeling of guilt.

The thing is, I’m an ethousiastic kinda guy. So it’s in my nature to “cut corners” and unknowingly step on a few toes here and there. Bah… Lets just keep it at that. Those in the known will know what this is about.

Peter’s blog…

A colleague of mine blogs at our employers website. Now I chose against doing so, because of a reason I posted a bit earlier. Anyways, Peter’s blog is not one that updates very regularly. But when he posts, he allways makes sure it’s worth the read.

I know this will look like a huge plug. But Peter is hands down the best chap to work with. Peter and I worked together on our graduation assignment, so there’s the reason for me shamelessly plugging a company blog of the company I’m working for.

Please be gentle with me… πŸ˜‰ But do take a peak at his blog.

Since I sometimes say awfull things…

As you can see in my blogging history I’ve been away for a while. Bad isn’t it?

My company starting a blogging portal on their internet site. But because I would like a little bit more breathing room about what I can and can not tell you ppl. I decided to revive this old blog.

Hope I can keep it going a bit more now. Whish me luck.

(I will keep any non-disclosable’s to myself and respect any disclosure timings requested both explicitly and implicitly by my employer.)

Oh my, them kitchen guys screwed it up a little… / Home improvement

They forget my water tap…
They forget my stack of drawer face plates…
The finish on one corner beneath a cupboard is not up to my expectation…
But all things into consideration it is turning into a very nifty kitchen…

Yes the insalled it last weeks and it isn’t entirely done yet. The tiles need some work.

After that still lods of work todo (painting, painting, some more painting and even more painting…). But the end is near, my budget was gone too, about 2 weeks ago. Ouch… πŸ˜› But it’s going to be workth it. Them radiators are b#tch ugly, the NEED some covering, it turns the entire room around when I do that.

(Jolly, I do have a blog to post to. :P)