My first kitchen…

Buying your first kitchen is really weird. It actually kinda freaked me out when I did. I passed a point of no return, now there is nothing going to stop me from moving out of my parents house.

Yeah, I’m kinda late with that, but I’m getting there. 😛 Anyway, expect some nice pictures in, oh, about five months.

Anyway, it will be a U-shaped kitchen, with mouse gray boarding and doors, except one stack of drawers in the bottom of the U. There the drawers will be red and 85 cm wide. Working top with a gray/black finish. 5 point gas stove, all equipement will be installed. Microwave, oven, freezer, refrigerator, washing machine and offcourse, a kitchen sink with a small sink to wash my veggies. :p

It’s gonna be cool.

Been away for a while…

Last week I’ve been away on a snowboarding vacation.

It was very relaxing, and now I find myself struggling to pick up the pace of everyday life. I guess worst things could happen, but still it’s a pain. 🙂

I also finally had some time to play around with my new iMac 20” G5. This machine is very cool. Now all I have to do is get some more software for it. But I’m woring on that… I’m able to get some things through my employer. I like to stay on the legal side of the law if I can. 🙂 OpenSSH for Windows OpenSSH for Windows

Finally got around to setting up a SSH tunnel. I’m still running windows, but that’ll change soon. Apple confirmed the shipment of my iMac.

Anyway, setting up SSH has been a real pain in the ass, or perhaps I’m just stupid…

Anyway, install the above on your windows box…
Go to the install directory…

CD into the “bin” dir.
enter: mkgroup -l >> ..\etc\group
enter: mkpasswd -l -u “Your windows user name” >> ..\etc\passwd

Be a bit carefull with the user you are exporting remotely…

Now you can use any ssh client available with the mentioned user (PW same as in windows). Tunneling also works like a charm.
With the standard ssh client of sshwindows: ssh -L 80:[networkPrivateMachine]:80 [yourIp]
Now your can point a browser to your local machine (localhost). ssh tunnels it to the OpenSSH box at [yourIp] and forwards all request to [networkPrivateMachine] on your private network.

Check the docs on the mentioned site for details.