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  1. Hi Jeroen,

    Just stopping back by to see what you were up to. Congratulations on your recent conference and work. It’s good to be busy with life.

    Take care.

    –>Timothy Dungan (aka ptvGuy)

  2. Hi Jeroen,
    I called you yesterday around 22:00 and left a message in you voicemailbox about your PC (Not the mac book πŸ˜‰ )

    Now I am visiting your blog and see you are also WordPressminded.

    Gerrit van den Bosch

  3. Hi Jeroen,

    As a novice user of WordPress and the Freshy theme I -by accident- came across the address of your blog. I like the looks of it it a lot and was wondering whether you would do me the same favor as you did the designer of the theme: i.e. share your modifications of the theme with me. Probably the content of your blog is way to technical for me but I will have a look anyway.

    Thank you and take care!

  4. Hey Jeroen,

    Ik volgde vandaag het gastcollege wat je gaf op Christelijk College Windesheim te Zwolle.
    Ik wilde je nog even bedanken voor het gastcollege.
    Ik heb ook nog een verzoek.
    Zou jij mij de 2 presentaties willen opsturen die je daar hebt laten zien?

    Alvast bedankt and keep up the good work!

    Rick Vaarkamp

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