J-Fall Middleware for the developer JAZZ vision and archetecture

Only two more sessions to go. Ton van Velzen hosts a session on JAZZ. IBM’s new middelware platform.

At the start of the session he was sitting there looking like one of my preschool teachers. 🙂

Introduction on JAZZ. Why, how and overview.

Web2.0, Internet as a platform. Software as a sevice. What does web 2.0 mean for the colaboration when building software?

Different business roles require different views on projects. CIO needs high level status, developer needs something that doesn’t get on his way.

Software development needs to improve. Customers are not satisfied with quality, speed and turnaround. Lots of business speak. Knowledge is divided by location, organizations and infrasctructure.

Agile has gone mainstream apperently. Based on data from 2006. 65% says they are using agile methodologies. I wonder why the current adoption rate is. I’ll post some links on this later.

So apparently JAZZ is web2.0 and agile.

JAZZ is a middleware platform for software development. JAZZ is developed by the team behind the Eclipse project. JAZZ is a system based on the problems encourered in the day to day operation of the Eclipse project.

JAZZ services all aspects off the server side of software dwveloment. Version control, issue tracking, dailly build, planning, design, integration, feedback, learning, etc… All continuous. Agile requires process, discipline and planning.

Eclipse way of software development is somewhere between xp/scrum and RUP.

What do Agile teams need? See picture.

Software development server components as a restfull service. Underlying architecture of JAZZ is restfull.

I need to look into restfull web applications. 🙂

DB2 pure XML is the backing store of JAZZ. Can be queried by JQuery.

Need to look into javascript libbs as well.

Insert article of Royd Fielding on REST.

JAZZ was a research project within IBM. JAZZ management speak. Took another picture of this slide, the one with the jazz band.

OMG, he said visual server team system. 😉

Was really an overview presentation. Nothing technical. Check jazz.net. Lookup IBM Rational Team Concert. JAZZ is not open source.