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AppForce1: Special 2

Donny is a curious, passionate iOS Developer from the Netherlands who loves learning, sharing knowledge and programming in general. He has experience with several technologies like Python, SQL, PHP, Javascript but iOS has been his passion for a while now.

00:14 Donny Wals

01:07 How Donny and Jeroen met

01:46 The Do iOS birdie

02:32 Beamer specs, check the DO iOS video

09:54 Disney Streaming Services

13:28 I’m in App

13:50 The A10 ring)

14:20 Company went bankrupt, now what?

15:47 Packt publishing

17:26 Donny’ blog

18:24 Practical Combine book

18:43 Why switch from SDK to topical books?

21:22 Jeroen on the costs of organizing a conference

22:40 A little recap on what’s discussed

23:55 What’s your target audience for your books?

25:48 Recommendations by Donny

26:19 Book: Algorithms to Live By

29:18 Swift Concurrency Roadmap

32:56 Favorite Swift Language change

34:48 Does everything you do pay the bills?

36:14 Motivation to do “the work”

38:05 How to start? Tips by Donny.

41:27 Workflow when writing blog posts.

42:51 Who helped you?

44:48 Parting words, follow your heart.

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WikiPedia artikel over The Mythical Man-Month

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By Jeroen

I’m Jeroen a dutch software developer employed by a large insurance company. Mostly I write about Swift code, CocoaHeadsNL and other related topics.