AppForce1: Episode 5

Welcome to my 5th episode.Big Sur launched and people are spending more and more time on SwiftUI and Combine. I also have my first listener question.Please rate me on Apple Podcasts.

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00:00 Intro

00:21 Twitter: AppForce1

00:27 SpeakPipe

00:32 Headlines

01:23 Sponsor: Backblaze

02:01 Big Sur launched: OCSP failed

02:36 OCSP Apple’s response

03:06 Paul Hudson about page

03:41 LLDB JSON dumping

04:08 MVVM and SwiftUI

04:45 Multi cursor editing

05:05 URLCache

05:26 Monday morning tweet by Donny

07:34 iOS Conf SG

08:04 Voicemail

10:21 Outro

By Jeroen

I’m Jeroen a dutch software developer employed by a large insurance company. Mostly I write about Swift code, CocoaHeadsNL and other related topics.