AppForce1: Special 3

Pedro is a Portuguese iOS Engineer since February 2017. He studied at Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto.

He is an avid OSS enthusiast and contributor. Helps by sharing, learn by what’s shared.

He is a member of SwiftAveiro’s organization, where around 250 iOS Engineers have gathered to learn in the past three years, and CocoaHeads Porto, the first CocoaHeads meetup in Portugal, where people share knowledge by doing speeches and workshops.

00:00 Pre-show

00:29 Intro

01:15 The University

01:48 The Doist, Todoist and Twist thing…

02:47 First some history

05:57 Day to day at A company

11:44 Swift Aveiro

14:43 CocoaHeads Porto

16:01 CocoaHub

21:32 Time management

28:52 Getting started as developer

By Jeroen

I’m Jeroen a dutch software developer employed by a large insurance company. Mostly I write about Swift code, CocoaHeadsNL and other related topics.