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AppForce1: Special 2

Donny is a curious, passionate iOS Developer from the Netherlands who loves learning, sharing knowledge and programming in general. He has experience with several technologies like Python, SQL, PHP, Javascript but iOS has been his passion for a while now.

00:14 Donny Wals

01:07 How Donny and Jeroen met

01:46 The Do iOS birdie

02:32 Beamer specs, check the DO iOS video

09:54 Disney Streaming Services

13:28 I’m in App

13:50 The A10 ring)

14:20 Company went bankrupt, now what?

15:47 Packt publishing

17:26 Donny’ blog

18:24 Practical Combine book

18:43 Why switch from SDK to topical books?

21:22 Jeroen on the costs of organizing a conference

22:40 A little recap on what’s discussed

23:55 What’s your target audience for your books?

25:48 Recommendations by Donny

26:19 Book: Algorithms to Live By

29:18 Swift Concurrency Roadmap

32:56 Favorite Swift Language change

34:48 Does everything you do pay the bills?

36:14 Motivation to do “the work”

38:05 How to start? Tips by Donny.

41:27 Workflow when writing blog posts.

42:51 Who helped you?

44:48 Parting words, follow your heart.

Additional notes:

WikiPedia artikel over The Mythical Man-Month

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Podcast Swift

AppForce1: Episode 3

Welcome to my 3rd episode.

The focus of this episode will be a bit more on basic Swift related items. I will also mention a great online event next month you should check out. CocoaHeadsNL has released the video from their October meetup with Donny Wals. I have some great news about upcoming interviews I will be releasing in the coming weeks.

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00:00 Intro

01:01 Welcome

01:13 @AppForce1

01:16 SpeakPipe

01:23 Results 1st interview

01:59 Monday morning tweet

03:45 Mobile Optimized 2020

03:56 CocoaHeadsNL: Video Donny Wals

04:07 CocoaHeadsNL: RSVP

04:14 Under the Radar: Marco Arment on Overcast and SwiftUI

04:36 Obscure APIs

04:59 Progress Expectations

05:33 Porting iPhone app to iPad

06:02 Presenting Popovers from SwiftUI

06:48 How to Create App Clips

07:13 JSON Parsing in Swift

07:41 Formatting numbers in Swift

08:16 Getting the number of days between two dates in Swift

08:45 Swift Concurrency Roadmap

Random thoughts

AppForce1: Special 1

Antoine is an iOS developer with a good following on Twitter. He often helps CocoaHeadsNL when he can. He works for WeTransfer, writes on his blog and recently launched version 3 of RocketSim.

Podcast Swift

AppForce1: Episode 2

Welcome to my 2nd episode.

The focus of this episode will be a bit more on SwiftUI related items. I will also mention a great online event next month you should check out. CocoaHeadsNL has announced their november and december planning.
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00:00 Intro

00:46 Special: Antoine van der Lee

00:58 Feedback: Speakpipe

01:07 Home Screen Quick Actions — SwiftUI 2.0

01:27 Getting started with the Combine framework in Swift

01:49 The magic of redacted modifier in SwiftUI

02:15 Updating your apps with silent push notifications

02:32 Connecting and merging Combine publishers in Swift

02:56 Evolution of the programming languages from iPhone OS 1.0 to iOS 14

03:12 How Swift API Availability Works Internally

03:48 Nova is here

04:14 How to pass data between views using Coordinator pattern in Swift

04:37 Donny’s monday morning

06:08 CocoaHeadsNL meetups

06:16 Sponsor CocoaHeadsNL

06:20 SwiftAlps

06:42 Outro

06:52 Sponsor me

06:56 Feedback?

07:05 Remember the special

Podcast Random thoughts

Podcasting gear

That didn’t take very long. After publishing my first episode I got a question almost right away on what I used to record my show.

Here’s the list:

I took a while picking and selecting what to get. I initially wanted a Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB but it has been unavailable everywhere for a couple of weeks now. So I just bit the bullet and went for a higher spec setup. I specifically went for a cardioid dynamic microphone and not a condenser. I wanted more of that broadcast sound and at the same time avoid picking up unwanted background noise as much as possible. A condenser, or so I read, picks up way more background noise.

Marco Arment’s microphone blog post was very helpful in getting to know some basics and find a good microphone amp suggestion.

For hosting I use Buzzsprout.

All product links are affiliate links.

Podcast Random thoughts

AppForce1: First episode is live

Podcast Random thoughts

AppForce1 podcast feed availability

My new podcast is now listed on Apple Podcasts as well. This means you can now find my podcast in your favourite podcast player app by searching for “AppForce1” and get my first episode as soon as it is available next week.

Podcast Random thoughts

AppForce1 podcast

I’m working on launching my new podcast. Working title “AppeForce1 podcast”.
Just playing with editing and sound bites a little bit. Here’s an initial promo.

Random thoughts Swift

At the Dutch CocoaHeads meetup in september I presented about Tuist.

Our path to micro frameworks using

In this video I show how we at Achmea changed the architecture of our app to use µ frameworks with I demonstrates how to create a sample app and shows the new structure of the ‘Even Appen’ app.

Random thoughts Swift

Github Actions and MacOS based Actions charged at 10x

Something I forgot to mention on my previous post on GitHub Actions.

GitHub charges 10 build minutes for each MacOS build minute. Be aware of this when working with GitHub Actions for your Mac based builds. It is probably worth it to try and off load as much work as possible to a Linux based image.

SwiftLint and other code analysis is a perfect example of examples of work to be offloaded to a Linux image.